VW Automuseum Freundeskreis
Matter of the heart

Circle of friends

Once a Volkswagen, always a Volkswagen: this applies not only to the many loyal customers, but especially to the employees.

The love and loyalty to this brand remains with many even after their active working life. A fact that the AutoMuseum is particularly pleased about. In 2018, 17 former Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles employees joined forces to form the Volkswagen AutoMuseum Foundation Circle of Friends.

To make this possible, the Circle of Friends has set up a professional workshop, which is constantly being expanded and developed. The so-called construction hours take place here once a week. The work focuses on:

  • Repair and maintenance of the exhibits
  • Support with technical expertise for exhibits and aggregates
  • Creation of a database


In addition to plenty of work, the circle of friends in keeping with the old tradition of the Nutzis also attaches great importance to socializing. A regulars table is held once a month and the occasional barbecue afternoon. After all, a love of old Volkswagen models brings people together. Who could understand this better than we at the AutoMuseum?

Thank you, dear Friends of the AutoMuseum, for your great commitment! We are glad that you exist.


The circle of friends is always happy to receive support and invites you to get to know them. To arrange an appointment and for
further information, please contact Karl-Heinz “Kalle” Forytta at the following e-mail address: extern.karl-heinz.forytta@volkswagen.de

What our visitors say

It was a total experience for us. The staff are very polite. You can learn a lot about the history of Volkswagen in the AutoMuseum. The many prototypes and conversions are a particular highlight. I would love to come back.

Google rating from Marco G. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Versand & Lieferung

Die Versandkosten sind unabhängig vom Bestellwert und werden pro Bestellung erhoben.

In Deutschland: 7,00 EUR
In Europa: 18,00 EUR

Ab einem Bestellwert von 150,- EUR werden nur noch die Versandkosten für das europäische und außereuropäische Ausland erhoben.

Es gelten die im AutoMuseum Shop genannten Preise. Diese enthalten bereits die gesetzliche Mehrwertsteuer.