What is new at the Volkswagen AutoMuseum? New exhibits, the latest developments, celebrity visitors – we keep you up to date.

Full house during James Bond event at the Volkswagen AutoMuseum.

9 February 2018. As part of the special exhibition "WOB-007" the Volkswagen AutoMuseum and Dr Siegfried Tesche invited guests to a talk about the Bond vehicles. A resounding success: 150 guests accepted the invitation and listened in spellbound silence to the speaker's presentation that was accompanied by film excerpts and pictures. Tesche said that if you pay close attention to the films you will find that they always follow the same pattern – with wild chases in fast cars that spin around and perform incredible loopings. Many product manufacturers have used Bond for their own advertising with some even producing special models. To start with, Susanne Wiersch welcomed the guests and asked the audience which of Her Majesty's secret agent's cars they liked best. The Audi 200 was one of the cars named – a Volkswagen Group product with an attractive design – and, needless to say, the Aston Martin DB 5. The British classic car reminded many visitors of a coveted model car from their childhood.

A short visit by the director of the Dornier museum.

31 January 2018. David Dornier, grandson of the aviation pioneer Claude Dornier and director of the Aerospace Museum at Friedrichshafen Airport since May 2017, made a brief visit to the Volkswagen AutoMuseum. He reminisced about his own Volkswagen models and showed great interest in the factual, minimally orchestrated presentation of the large Wolfsburg automobile collection. A tip for readers: the Dornier museum is currently constructing a parallel building where the legendary "Landshut" kidnapped by terrorists and freed by the GSG 9 will be exhibited.

First vernissage of the New Year: Women with Beetles.

30 January 2018. Volkswagen AutoMuseum opened its first exhibition of the year with the vernissage "Women with Beetles". The eighth show in the "MobilArt - Art at the Volkswagen AutoMuseum" series presents the same motif of women with Beetles in all kinds of different situations and ever new constellations. The collection of 700 amateur photographs from private albums was compiled and thematically composed in terms of photographic art by the Chilean artist Enrique Muñoz García, who lives in Switzerland. It is the artist’s first show of this kind and he was very pleased with the large number of invited guests and was happy to answer their questions. After a welcome and a brief introduction to the exhibition by museum employee Susanne Wiersch, the guests studied the pictures at their leisure. For some guests this brought up memories of their own Beetles – some of them even have similar pictures lying around at home (which we would be very pleased to receive!).

Treser Club at the Volkswagen AutoMuseum.

26 January 2018. On Friday more than 70 members of the Treser Club came to the Auto Museum for an hour and a half. For Walter Treser, legendary head of motorsport and small-series manufacturer on the basis of VW and Audi vehicles, it was a repeat visit as he had attended the opening of the large special Polo exhibition in 2015 as a guest of honour. The fans were particularly interested in the research engines and Treser revealed himself to be an expert here – especially in VR engines from Volkswagen.

Happy Birthday to the last German Beetle.

19 January 2018. It has been exactly 40 years since the very last Beetle from German production rolled off the production line – and this was in Emden, not in Wolfsburg, where the production of the classic bug ended four years earlier. By 1978, more than 16 million Beetle cars had left the production line in Germany (around 2.4 million of them in Emden) and more than 19 million models of the air-cooled classic car had rolled off production lines worldwide. A large proportion of the Beetles produced in the final years went to the USA. In Emden production of the Rabbit (Golf for the USA) ran parallel to this, together with the Audi 80 and Passat. The 1200 L painted in dakota yellow, which was the last Beetle to leave the production line on the North Sea coast on 19 January 1978, is on display in the Volkswagen AutoMuseum – with minimum equipment and features but in brand new condition. (Image 6: image rights Volkswagen AG)

New Year reception at the Volkswagen AutoMuseum.

16 January 2018. This year the Volkswagen AutoMuseum once again invited its sponsors and supporters to the traditional New Year's reception at the Volkswagen AutoMuseum Foundation. Around 60 guests listened to Eberhard Kittler, Chairman of the Board of the Volkswagen AutoMuseum Foundation, talk about the numerous activities that took place in the museum last year which were responsible for the record number of over 23,000 visitors. These included the big special exhibitions across brands "Cabriolet Milestones" and "WOB-007", one of the most successful shows of recent years. But once again the museum was also very active artistically, for example with Pop Art to mark the historic 24 Hours of Le Mans and with the current lifestyle project "Lookbook No3". In addition, there were evening and day events in the form of concerts, readings and a traffic education day for children. During the reception, attention was also drawn to the recently completed engine gallery – guest of honour Dr Carl Hahn was particularly impressed by this. These successes will be continued in 2018, artistically with an exhibition of photographs entitled "Women with Beetles". The Auto Museum is entering completely new territory with a bicycle exhibition. No more will be revealed at this point. A special mention and special thanks from the Volkswagen AutoMuseum were given to Jannie Hübers, who presented the three self-built H2 and H3 roadsters in her possession to the museum at the end of last year. She proudly told the audience about the idea behind the cars and how Volkswagen parts were used in them. Last but not least Eberhard Kittler thanked his team for all their hard work. The evening at the museum came to an end with small talk among the guests.

40 years ago: Golf 1 diesel successful in the Rally Monte Carlo.

9 January 2018. It’s more than four decades since a Golf 1 with a 50 PS naturally aspirated diesel engine piloted by employees of the magazine Auto Zeitung set numerous world records, to start with in 1977 during a 50,000 km endurance run on the Miramas racetrack in the south of France, followed by a complete circumnavigation of the USA by road. Auto Zeitung editor Gernot Röthig and his co-driver Gerd Ottenburger then went even further and took part in the Rally Monte Carlo from 21 to 28 January 1978 with precisely this car (starting number 125) – finishing 83rd as the final result. "Jochi" Kleint as the driver of a similar, more powerful zebra-look diesel Golf (starting number 49) caused even more of a stir with his interim 13th place in the overall standings, although unfortunately a defective cylinder head gasket ended the race prematurely for him. The vehicle driven so superbly by Auto Zeitung belongs to the collection of the Auto Museum and can now be seen in the exhibition again.