What is new at the Volkswagen AutoMuseum? New exhibits, the latest developments, celebrity visitors – we keep you up to date.

New addition to the special show "4 wins.

21 July 2021.Thanks to the support of our colleagues from VW Classic, the special show "4 wins." can present another exhibit as a real highlight: The all-electric ID.R as the forerunner of the ID family. The racing car was designed and built by VW Motorsport. Its first goal was to participate in the legendary US mountain race "Pikes Peak" . There, the car set its first record in 2018, before continuing a year later, modified, on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring. Here too, with modified aerodynamics due to the massively different air conditions compared to the American Colorado, the ID.R was able to triumph again with a victory in best time. Its last challenge was the Chinese mountain Tianmen with its 99 hairpin bends, which no racing car had ever driven before. The car also mastered this track with flying colours. It was always driven by Romain Dumas. Volkswagen Motorsport was dissolved in 2021, the racing exhibits have passed into the care of Volkswagen Classic and will be displayed in the AutoMuseum as required. The exhibition on Volkswagen's all-wheel drive expertise can be visited until 31 October 2021. A lecture by former engineers involved in the development of four-wheel drive techniques is planned for the autumn, Corona permitting.

Golf 1 fans meet at the AutoMuseum Volkswagen.

17 July 2021. There they came: one by one, they rolled into the car park of the AutoMuseum Volkswagen on Saturday morning in bright sunshine: around 50 first-generation Golfs, including numerous Golf GTIs and convertibles, came together after a two-year break for the traditional meeting of the Golf I IG in Wolfsburg. After a cheerful reunion and a big hello, Jan Linnenkamp as chairman of the interest group gave a very warm welcome to the participants and members. And Hilmar Schimenas, Member of the Board of the AutoMuseum Volkswagen, was very pleased about the large crowd of consistently shining classless style icons and the great response of the Golf fan community to the event. As always, people talked shop and exchanged a tip or two. As a special highlight, Eberhard Kittler guided the guests through the special four-wheel drive show "4 wins. The enthusiasts followed his lively explanations with great interest.

70 years old Brezelkäfer visits the AutoMuseum.

16 July 2021. On the 70th anniversary of his Pretzel Beetle to the day, Julius Hochrein gave his gem a special present: coming from near Haßfurt in Lower Franconia, the VW fan drove his 1951 export model on its own wheels to its birthplace, Wolfsburg. And there, of course, a visit to the Volkswagen AutoMuseum was at the top of the agenda. Eckberth von Witzleben and Susanne Wiersch welcomed Hochrein warmly and were delighted that such a classic car had stopped by again after a long time. For Hochrein and his Beetle, it is not the first tour to the Volkswagen stronghold in Lower Saxony. He acquired the car in 1989 and, after three years of loving and detailed restoration, was a guest at the local club's Beetle meetings several times in the 1990s and 2000s. It rightly won the prize for the most beautiful participant's vehicle more than once.

Kick-off of the Beetle Meeting at the Volkswagen AutoMuseum.

26 June 2021. After a break of around two years, the time had come on the last weekend in June: the Autostadt, in cooperation with the 1st Beetle Club Wolfsburg, had invited around 50 "crawling animals" from various parts of Germany to the Beetle Meeting. And the Volkswagen AutoMuseum was part of the party: shortly after eight o'clock on Saturday morning, the first Beetles drove into the museum courtyard with their bubbling sound so typical of the air-cooled boxer engine. The joy of reunion among the participants was enormous, but they were even more eagerly awaiting the start of the first corso of the day to the Autostadt. Once there, there was a premiere for the Beetle fans and visitors, because for the first time at a classic car event, the private historic gems were allowed to present themselves in the park. The colourful programme in the Autostadt culminated in the second parade, a grand tour of the grounds, cheered on by numerous fans. Hilmar Schimenas, Chairman of the Volkswagen AutoMuseum Foundation, was there in his jeans beetle, as were Nicole Mommsen and Dieter Landenberger, members of the museum's Board of Trustees.

The Volkswagen AutoMuseum is growing.

25 June 2021. In January 2021, a ship from overseas docked in Bremerhaven. On board was the valuable cargo of a right-hand drive VW 1300 Cabrio from Japan, which has found its new home in the AutoMuseum Volkswagen. Teruko Balogh-Klaus and Michiko Zimmermann from the German-Japanese Society of the Wolfsburg/Braunschweig region warmly received the car on the VW factory premises in Wolfsburg and, together with the museum staff, were delighted with this generous gift from the Japanese owner and Beetle enthusiast. With this donation, he fulfilled the last wish of his father, Motokichi Hirono, that the car would one day find its way back to its German homeland, namely to the AutoMuseum. He visited the vehicle collection for the first time in the mid-1980s and was so taken with it that he made this decision. His son was able to carry out his last wish with the help of his colleagues at Volkswagen Group Japan kk, who organised the transport to Germany. And he did not miss the opportunity to take over the last journey on Japanese soil - from Osaka to Toyohashi - himself. The route from the AutoMuseum to the south road of the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg in front of the striking administration tower was the first tour of its own on German soil for the convertible. Balogh-Klaus and Zimmermann were visibly taken with the car's good condition and enjoyed driving it. For Balogh-Klaus, by the way, this was not her first drive, as she had already sat behind the wheel of a Beetle Cabriolet in the 1960s and was already taken with the car then. The handover of the car to the AutoMuseum also links them to the long-standing friendship and partnership between Germany and Japan, or Wolfsburg and Toyohashi.

It's good to have friends.

29 March 2021. For the special exhibition "4 WINS." that has just opened, the Friends of the AutoMuseum Volkswagen have put in a lot of effort. It all began a year ago with a search through the warehouse to find suitable all-wheel drive technology exhibits. The selected drivelines were then prepared for use by the visitors, in some cases in a practical way. In order to prevent any risk of injury, the members built handmade showcases adapted to the respective size of the power unit. As in previous exhibitions, the vehicle exhibits were also repaired and polished. The preparations culminated with the two-day set-up of the show. The efforts were worthwhile, the presentation of the theme was very well received by press representatives and visitors. Our heartfelt thanks go to all supporters.

"4 wins." Special all-wheel drive show opens at the AutoMuseum.

25 March 2021. Due to the Corona situation, the AutoMuseum Volkswagen opened its new special exhibition on Volkswagen's all-wheel drive technology only in a very small circle with press representatives from Wolfsburg. Hilmar Schimenas, since January this year board member of the Volkswagen AutoMuseum Foundation, warmly welcomed the participants, gave a brief crisp insight into the exhibition and thanked all supporters, especially the lenders. In his element and full of enthusiasm, Eberhard Kittler, former board member of the museum and curator of this exhibition, then introduced the media representatives to the brand's four-wheel competence and its various systems, some of which were used in parallel. In doing so, he liked to highlight the latest studies, such as the Amarok RUV, the all-wheel-drive up! or the BUDDe, which had never been presented to the public before. In doing so, he drew a bow from the beginnings of the engageable all-wheel drive in the Bulli to the syncro and 4Motion models to the near future of electric all-wheel drive. Representing the circle of friends of the AutoMuseum and responsible for the powertrains on display, Martin Mielke was also on hand to answer questions, especially about the concept vehicles for which he was responsible during his active VW days. When asked whether there would be a supporting programme, Hilmar Schimenas said that the museum team had ideas, but that it was corona-dependent whether there could be guided tours or expert evenings during the exhibition, among other things.

Change of Board: Eberhard Kittler hands over the baton to Hilmar Schimenas.

12 January 2021. The turn of the year saw a significant change in personnel at the Volkswagen AutoMuseum Foundation. Long-serving board member Eberhard Kittler handed over the reins to his successor Hilmar Schimenas, who has worked for Volkswagen for over 30 years. While Schimenas has always been involved with current models in the so-called vehicle control centre, he is now looking forward to delving into the product history of around 80 years of Volkswagen. As a native of Wolfsburg, he grew up with Volkswagen, and as the "Golf generation" he knows today's youngtimers all too well from his childhood and youth. His first car was of course also a VW, a black Polo Fox. Taking over the management of a museum in Corona times presents him with special challenges, but Schimenas is sure that he will be able to fill the house with new cultural and automobile-historical focal points in the coming years. He brings with him a number of ideas on how the museum can become more digitally modern in the future. For the first, he is putting on the long-planned special show "4gewinnt. All-Wheel Competence from Volkswagen" of his predecessor and hopes for an opening date soon so that he can also introduce himself personally to the public. Eberhard Kittler has made the AutoMuseum Volkswagen shine in new splendour since 2014. Under his leadership, in addition to numerous special exhibitions and concerts, other formats have been initiated such as the theme evenings on Volkswagen prototypes that influenced the series products. It is above all thanks to Kittler that the Volkswagen AutoMuseum has created a unique selling point for itself with the Engine Cabinet that is coveted beyond the region. He is regarded as one of the most profound experts on automotive history and will remain true to his passion even in retirement.