An affair of the heart.

Once Volkswagen, always Volkswagen: this rule applies not only to the many loyal customers, but in particular to the employees. For many, the love for and attachment to this brand live on, even after they have retired from their active working roles. A fact that is particularly pleasing for the AutoMuseum.

In 2018, 17 former employees of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles joined forces to form the Friends of the AutoMuseum Volkswagen. The number of members has since risen to 39 and is no longer comprised solely of “Nutzis” – former Commercial Vehicles employees. They have received back-up from the Passenger Car and Research divisions. Nowadays, the Friends foundation brings together people from very different fields of expertise, all of whom have one thing in common: their desire to knuckle down, unpack their tools and have a good tinker, working together to ensure that the AutoMuseum can continue to delight its visitors with new, roadworthy exhibits.

To make this possible, the Friends have set up a professional workshop, which is continuously being expanded and improved. When they meet here once a week, the focus of their work is on:

– Maintaining and repairing exhibits
– Applying their technical expertise to help with exhibits and assemblies
– Maintaining a database

As well as the ample amount of work they undertake, the Friends also place a great deal of importance on the social aspect – as has long since been a tradition at Commercial Vehicles. For example, they meet once a month for a social gathering, as well as the odd barbecue on an afternoon. The love of old Volkswagen models brings people together – we at the AutoMuseum understand this better than most?

Thank you, Friends of the AutoMuseum, for your outstanding commitment! It is great to have you there.

The Friends are always delighted with any support they receive, and would welcome the opportunity to get to know you and offer an insight into what the foundation is all about. To arrange an appointment, or to request more information, please contact Karl-Heinz “Kalle” Forytta at the following E-mail address: