A Jetta with a touching story.

20 October 2023: Uwe Barth's parents bought a brand-new Jetta in 1986, which they had fitted with a few extras such as power steering and an unregulated catalytic converter. Unfortunately, Mr Barth's father didn't have much of the car left, as he died shortly after buying it. His wife Pauline, however, enjoyed driving the car until she was 94 years old. And because she cherished and cared for the car, it is still in top condition today. After his mother's death, son Uwe honoured his promise that the Jetta would end up in good hands and donated it to the Volkswagen AutoMuseum. The team at the Volkswagen AutoMuseum and, above all, board member Hilmar Schimenas are delighted with the new addition, as such a well-preserved model was still missing from the collection.

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